Say A Few Words

Some day each of us will be called upon to stand up and Say A Few Words.   Maybe it's already happened to you.
Unless you were fortunate enough to be born with the natural talent of an orator, your first experience in public speaking probably sent chills of sheer, unadulterated terror throughout your entire body.
Isn't it amazing how even the most prolific "gabber," who can carry on a one-side conversation for hours on end, can turn into a mumbling, bumbling bowl of jelly when called upon to speak up in front of a crowd?
Well, it really needn't be that way.  Now, we aren't promising that you will become as skilled as the captain of your school debate team, but follow the simple rules outlined in Say A Few Words and you will be amazed at what talent lies behind those rusty vocal chords.
John lays it all out for you.  You get the benefit of the tips and shortcuts that he learned as a magician and workshop presenter.  In his words, he makes the process as goof-proof as humanly possible.
You will learn how to answer a casual inquiry and the book will also help you when you do a formal speech, promotional address for your business or even an appeal for funds.
  • Learn how to read the dynamics of your audience
  • How to get them listening and responding.
  • Discover the magic of incorporating a story into your presentation.
  • What to do about hecklers.
  • Why you should never give a thank you or apology
  • How about butterflies as big as buffaloes?
Whatever level of expertise and polish you may be striving for, you will find that Say A Few Words definitely delivers.
Whether it's a brief call to action at a PTA meeting, presenting an award to a co-worker or giving a full scale business presentation, you will be prepared with this book in your arsenal. Grab your copy now! 

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